The Regenerative Workplace

Employee expectations and requirements for their workplaces are evolving, primarily fueled by years of pandemic work-from-home and hybrid return-to-office strategies. Work Design Magazine states, “During 2023, leading organizations will embrace a powerful, refreshing new concept: the Regenerative Workplace.”

What is it and why is it the 2023 buzzword?

A Regenerative Workplace restores and fuels workforce resilience. Physical, mental and financial health and well-being are at the forefront of employee concerns. The new workplace must support employees in the above-listed realms, as well as socially, to attract, retain and maximize the potential of each individual. The expectation is that a Regenerative Workplace will lead to better corporate outcomes and profitability.

Forbes study shows that about 87% of employees consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer. The Regenerative Workplace mirrors employees’ changing priorities to “wellness before wealth” by protecting each individual’s feelings of safety and satisfaction, constructing a strong base for developing their sense of achievement.

We must begin to reevaluate each workplace from a human-centric design standpoint to support employees’ overall well-being and foster performance, innovation and creativity.

Hospitality solutions

On-site food and hospitality are vital for a Regenerative Workplace. According to Nielsen Scarboroug, eighty-one percent of consumers try to eat healthily and pay attention to nutrition. Compass Group’s nutrition and well-being philosophy is to support our clients’ health and wellness goals and create positive change in the food system by giving access to a variety of great tasting, better-for-you, environmentally friendly menu options. We also deliver meaningful food experiences that promote the well-being of people and planet through education, engagement, excitement and the strategic use of behavioral interventions. A health-promoting food environment can foster the physical, mental and social well-being that employees seek by incorporating nutrient-dense menu options with human-centered design in socially engaging spaces that also provide for mindful eating and mental respite. We expand this experience beyond on-site services using a virtual wellness hub housed at, providing tools and resources that make it easier for our guests to achieve their individual well-being goals. 

Wellness certifications

Of course, food and hospitality alone cannot entirely shape a regenerative and restorative workplace. To equip employers with more holistic solutions, we have partnered with several organizations providing more comprehensive workplace design and third-party certifications including WELL and Fitwel. 


International WELL Building Institute’s WELL Certification is one of the most popular certifications that promotes and recognizes the Regenerative Workplaces. WELL evaluates 10 concepts featuring specific health intents including Air, Water, Sound, Light, Nourishment, Movement, Mind, Thermal Comfort, Materials and Community.

A new peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Building and Environment found that occupants in WELL Certified spaces report improved workplace satisfaction, increased productivity levels, and gains in perceived health and well-being. Read the press release to find out more.


Fitwel leverages the rising demand for practical, implementable approaches to improve health within the built environment. Its vision is a healthier future where every building is enhanced to support well-being. Fitwel is a certification system that takes an integrated approach to how the design and operations of a building or project site can improve health, happiness and productivity.

Leading the way to wellness

As you look to fashion a Regenerative Workplace or explore third-party certification, Compass Group has experts who can guide you through the process to ensure you build a workplace experience that meets employee needs and maximizes human performance, innovation and creativity. 

Interested in learning how we can help your company create a Regenerative Workplace? Let’s talk about it!