3 innovative solutions to the modern workplace’s biggest challenges

As we’ve seen on the news and in our diverse global client base, companies’ return-to-work plans remain a moving target as the pandemic continues to evolve around us. While the timing of reopening and specifics around capacity may be shifting, now is the time for your organization to assess and establish new workplace protocols to ensure your employees feel safe returning to your facilities.

The global pandemic introduced new challenges in the facilities management (FM) industry. From cleaning processes to space optimization, air quality to intuitive technology solutions, COVID-19 heightened the criticality of seamless FM operations for the overall health, well-being and productivity of businesses’ employees.

To be prepared for office returns, innovations in facilities management are emerging to address the modern workplace’s challenges.

A forward-thinking FM partner will integrate the latest processes and technology across FM services, like those described below, to ensure your employees return to a safe and healthy workplace as you re-open your facilities.

Sustainable building practices

Deploying sustainable equipment and green products, along with optimizing energy usage, are important steps to reduce the carbon footprint of your operations, and corporations of all sizes are focusing more heavily on this noble goal now more than ever. Sustainable practices – such as banning the use of non-biodegradable materials, identifying waste stream management opportunities, and upgrading to energy-efficient assets and tools – help reduce waste and energy consumption.

The right FM partner can support sustainability goals outlined in their client’s corporate social responsibility commitments and provide analytics that will resonate with key stakeholders internally and externally.

Shifting from software to platform

FM technology has traditionally been delivered as a package of point solutions, specific to each FM service or function. As occupier needs have rapidly evolved in recent years, industry innovators have emerged with comprehensive technology solutions that not only integrate every aspect of building operations into a single platform, but provide powerful data for executive decision- making.

The face of these solutions is an easy-to-navigate app that employees and building end users can turn to for everything from maintenance requests and conference room reservations to cafe orders and meeting tech support. For facilities managers and site leadership the platform captures key data across services and distills it into actionable insights to drive optimization of facilities costs, maintenance planning, space management and the overall employee experience.

Integrated facilities management

Choosing an FM provider capable of self-performing the majority of facilities services is critical to driving the highest level of operational efficiencies, cost savings and control across your portfolio. By partnering with an organization focused on integrated facilities management (IFM), you should expect a holistic approach to FM that achieves a higher level of quality, consistency and visibility for all aspects of building operations.

IFM partners think beyond the execution of a single service and prioritize the harmonization of FM processes and functions to improve the employee experience, drive continuous cost optimization and support their clients’ strategic business objectives.

Introducing Compass Group’s ESFM brand

ESFM (formerly Eurest Services) is transforming U.S. corporate facilities management with new industry-leading operational programs designed to help clients elevate the workplace experience. Our new identity comes as building owners welcome employees back to the workplace with enhanced safety protocols and amenities to support the new office environment, including concierge services, flexible workspaces and on-demand facilities services. ESFM is staying ahead of the curve by redesigning tomorrow’s work environment with facilities solutions that are curated for each client location.

Learn more about ESFM here.

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