Company influencers: Are you earning their trust?

The term “influencer” has taken on a whole new meaning in this digital age. According to AT-Kearney, “Social networking makes every consumer a potential broadcaster, with every company in their crosshairs.” Influencers can move markets and convince people to make changes in their lives simply by sharing their views. 

Influencers are everywhere. They’re important and they know they are.

It’s time to take notice of the influencers within your organization. They aren’t just your managers and leadership – they’re every individual on your team.

Ever heard of Glassdoor? Indeed? Yelp? LinkedIn? On those platforms, every individual is a critic or a champion. The options for instant communication are limitless. Everyone’s weighing in on their daily experiences – sometimes even minute-by-minute.  

What’s being said about your company can have a profound impact on recruiting. According to Recruiting Daily, almost half of all job seekers are using Glassdoor at some point in their job search. One low mark can stay on an internet review site for a long time. It can affect your ability to recruit and retain top talent. 

In our industry – dining and hospitality – we have already witnessed a huge shift toward “open source” influencer relationships. With no commonly agreed upon experts, everyone – or anyone with a platform – can be perceived as an expert on any given issue. And rest assured – these food influencers are taking notice of and speaking to your dining program.

Be ahead of the curve: Assess your dining amenity

What kind of press are you getting? Are your employees excited about their work amenities? Do they eat in your cafe because they love the options? Is your space welcoming and clean? Are your team members open about what they want? Do you deliver it?

Check your reviews

Visit the sites where comments are made about your company benefits and amenities. Make sure you address concerns and stay ahead of your competition. The best employees want to work for the strongest companies. Listen and respond to individuals who are passionate enough to go to influencer sites and respond in a positive way.

Ensure that you’re working with your dining partner to continually refresh menus and make changes that will wow your influencers as well as your guests. Create positive influencers. Make sure they trust that you’re doing whatever you can to engage them in your café.

Evaluate it

Food needs to have transparency. Consider:

  • Where did it come from?
  • How did it get here?
  • How was it prepared?
  • Where does it go from here?

Refresh it

Walk into your dining facility and ask yourself if it has a great vibe. Is it visually appealing? Are people smiling, talking and eating? If not, it may be time to discuss a refresh, which can be large or small. They can be made with small changes over time, or a large change in a small amount of time. Be flexible and ask the experts for help.

How the influencers within your organization communicate about your perceived value of employees matters. Now, more than ever, it’s immediate. Get on board with a population that shares content in closed and open communities. The time is now.

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