Technology is taking over the workplace (in a good way)

If you own a Roomba or regularly ask Alexa about the weather, you’ve seen how technology is changing the way we live. These advancements save us time and energy, and can help us be more productive.

They can be just as valuable for your company’s facility maintenance programs, making them more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Here are three technologies that will help reduce cost, increase sustainability and improve efficiency in your facility services.

1. Robots

Robotic equipment, including unmanned, automated floor scrubbers, auto lawn mowers and robotic vacuums are performing jobs early in the morning or at night that were once completed by humans. These robots allow companies to reassign employees to other tasks on campus, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings.

2. Smart devices

Smart device technology has become a major necessity to our everyday lives – both at work and at home. We now expect buildings to provide optimal lighting, resources and temperature without any user input. We expect technology to help save money and reduce environmental impacts.

Monitoring and managing building conditions has always been a time-intensive job for facility management teams, so the rise of the smart building is a positive development. Install light sensors in places like conference rooms and bathrooms to create usage-based efficiencies and you’ll see a reduction in energy consumption.

3. Spatial analysis

Spatial analysis helps take away the guesswork when planning and making decisions on office design and function. Data from traffic analytics and heat maps allow us to transform underutilized space and maintain the upkeep of that space based on usage.

Companies use these reports to lower labor costs, increase efficiencies and reduce carbon footprint. Facility managers are using the data for a variety of different tasks – from full renovation projects, to cleaning and maintenance schedules.

Not only can this data provide important information about the day-to-day operation, but it can help facility managers identify areas where space is being underutilized, resulting in financial savings and improved work space efficiency.

Keep these facility management technology trends in mind, and you’ll ensure that your facility continues to run at peak operation in the years to come.

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