Foster a healthier and more productive workplace with these 4 steps

Thriving employees are the backbone of every business, big or small. Employers have become increasingly invested in the health of their workers – and with good reason. The more conscientious and comprehensive the office design and employee health policy, the more your business outperforms those who don’t subscribe to employee well-being standards.

So how can you promote the healthiest workplace possible in 2019?

1. Encourage movement

Walking meetings are a great way to improve employee health, increase creativity and energize and engage employees. A recent study found that workers who participate in walking meetings are 8.5 percent more likely to feel highly engaged.

If possible, companies should maintain well-lit, well-paved paths around the exterior of campus so employees have a safe walking space regardless of the time of day. To further encourage movement – particularly in an urban environment or on a sprawling campus – provide a safe place for employees to lock up their bikes or provide campus bikes for employees to use.

Employers can also invest in sit/stand desks. Standing burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting and studies have found that people who sit for more than three hours per day have a lower life expectancy. These convertible desks allow employees to be active while still getting work done.

2. Reduce toxicity in the workplace

Though often overlooked, the cleaning products used at your business could be affecting the health of your employees, cleaning staff and visitors to your office. According to the Environmental Working Group, chemicals found in common cleaning products can have many negative impacts on our health. Choosing sustainable, green cleaning products means that you are using products that are good for people and the planet.

Plants and greenery can also affect the health of your employees. Plants improve air quality and add texture and interest to the overall design of an office. Green is the color of growth and renewal and can drastically improve the mood of your employees.

3. Let the outdoors in

We all need sunshine to boost our vitamin D production and being stuck in a dark office is no one’s idea of fun. Letting ample natural light into the office leads to innumerable positive effects, including visual comfort, a better sleep cycle and fewer headaches.

Just as importantly, natural lighting improves the mood of employees, who feel less closed-in as they go about their day. By placing enclosed offices and meeting rooms in the middle of the office space and spreading the employee workstations around the perimeter in proximity of the windows, you give a higher percentage of your employees access to natural light.

4. Make healthy food a priority

Want to promote healthier eating in the workplace? Start in your employee cafe or break room. Revamp your cafe menu with an eye for increasing foods that promote health, like antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, cold-water fish and plant-based grab-and-go items like unsalted raw nuts and vegetable crudités with hummus.

Offering the choice of half-sized entrees can also reduce food waste, save your employees money and help employees achieve their wellness goals.

Encouraging movement, bringing the outdoors in, reducing the use of toxic chemicals and offering healthy food options have the potential to elevate your company above the rest in terms of employee health and wellness.

Employee wellness is a vital aspect of every successful business. It does more than help your bottom line – it ensures your employees have everything needed to thrive.

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