How to create memorable employee experiences through food

Forbes Magazine recently declared 2018 the year of the employee experience (EX), claiming that companies who invest in EX – and do it well – will enjoy positive business outcomes in many areas, including revenue, employee productivity and innovation.

As the competition for great talent continues to intensify, companies are looking for ways to retain their best and brightest employees. That’s why many companies invest in their workplace facilities and amenities in order to provide a great employee experience.

Improving the employee experience doesn’t have to be costly. It can be as simple as bringing interesting programming into an amenity that already exists – like your employee cafe.

Interactive chef tastings and cooking seminars are a great way to bring unique experiences into your workplace. And tapping into the local food community to partner with guest chefs and celebrities can make the event even more memorable for your employees.

Mike Toscano 2

Chef Michael Toscano

Chef Michael Toscano, owner of Le Farfalle in Charleston, South Carolina, recently presented a chef’s table at a Compass Group-managed corporate cafe. He engaged with each guest as he prepared his pork arista sandwich with fennel-rubbed pork rib rack, tonnato sauce and arugula.

The event gave employees the opportunity to meet an award-winning chef and sample new dishes, and it was equally rewarding for Chef Michael.

“I have always found it gratifying to share my passion for cuisine,” he said. “Through these types of collaboration, I’ve discovered new joy and inspiration in the opportunity to share my stories.”

Using your existing amenities such as the cafe to educate, expose and engage your employee population is a great way to contribute to your overall employee experience strategy.

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